About the Gaming Control Authority

The Gaming Control Authority is an institution under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania that, together with other state and municipal institutions, takes part in the implementation of the state policy in the area of gaming and conducts gaming control to ensure fair and transparent gaming activities and to protect the rights and legal interests of players.

Gaming Control Authority is responsible also for supervision and control of the organisation of National lotteries. The main task of the institution is to supervise and control the operation of this activity with the purpose to protect interests and rights of players and of operators.

These aims and tasks of the Gaming Control Authority are established in the Gaming Law of the Republic of Lithuania and in the Law on Lotteries of the Republic of Lithuania, regulating the mentioned activities in the Republic of Lithuania.

One of the main priority trends of the Gaming Control Authority is to ensure proper activity of the institution enforcing the provisions of legal acts regulating gaming and national lotteries also to ensure the results-based activity.

Main functions of the Gaming Control Authority are:

  • issue and cancel gaming and national lottery licences;
  • issue permits to open gaming machine halls, bingo halls, betting and totalisator stations and gaming establishments (casinos), supplement, change and cancel such permits;
  • control compliance of gaming and lottery operators with the requirements of the laws and other legal acts regulating the operation of gaming and lotteries;
  • draft legal acts regulating the operation of gaming;
  • administer the Register of Gaming Devices of Lithuania.
  • administer Register of Persons Restricted from Participation in Gambling.

The administration of the Gaming Control Authority consists of 4 divisions – Licensing and Permission Division, Control Division, Division of  Legislation, Staff and General Affairs and Gaming Devices Type Approval and Register Division. Now we have the staff of 27 civil servants and employees working under employment contracts and Director, who is appointed by the Minister of Finance by way of competition for a four years term.



Last updated: 18-12-2019