Updated list of illegal online gaming operators

On 20 October 2023, the Gaming Control Authority updated the list of illegal gaming operators adding further domain names which shall be blocked.

The full List of illegal online gambling operators (Blacklist) can be found on our website. The list is regularly updated and now it contains 1417 domain names with companies‘ names, operating on the blacklisted websites.  

The Gaming Control Authority regulating gambling in the Republic of Lithuania herewith asks gambling operators to pay attention to their illegal remote gambling activity, breaching national regulation.

In Lithuania, only proper licensed companies having special permission for this activity are authorized to offer online gambling in Lithuania. Companies, being not licensed for gambling activity in Lithuania and having not the mentioned permit but offering their services in Lithuania, shall be treated as illegal gambling operators. The order of gaming operation is established in the Gaming Law of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - Gaming Law).

After having identified the fact of illegal remote gambling activity in the Republic of Lithuania, the Gaming Control Authority is authorized to take measures established in the Gaming Law (payment blocking and DNS blocking). The illegal gambling operators are also entered into the List of illegal online gambling operators (Blacklist) which is published on website of the institution and regularly updated adding new blacklisted subjects and domains.

It should be noted that the provisions of national legal acts do not provide for the possibility to remove the reference to the company (gambling operator) from the Blacklist, if the subject was identified as illegal gambling operator in Lithuania, domain was blocked and blacklisted. The only possibility to be removed from the Blacklist is to receive a license and permit to organize remote gambling in Lithuania, as it is established in the Gaming Law.

Considering this, the Gaming Control Authority strongly recommends all online gambling operators, to review all their activities related to remote gambling in the Republic of Lithuania and take actions to ensure that such services are not available for Lithuanian customers.

We also recommend the games creators / gambling platforms also payment institutions to make sure that your services are not used in Lithuania by any company, unlicensed in Lithuania for gambling services, as it may cause possible reputational subsequence in the future.