New social advertising at public transport stops


2020 02 21

Atostogos stoteleje.jpg

Warning about possible gambling harm and responsibility promotion – in new social advertising “Holiday” of the Gaming Control Authority at public transport stops in major cities of Lithuania Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

Gaming can be one of most insidious faults of individual, as the illusion of easy money and irresponsible gambling can quickly lead to financial collapse. Regardless what type of gaming do you prefer, the biggest chance to win have the gaming operators. Therefore it is very important, that your entertainment does not become a big and painful problem for you and your relatives.

This social project is a result of our cooperation with students of the Department of Graphic Design of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA), headed by Associate professor Robertas Jucaitis. Social sensibility of the young person, view to the gambling problems, attractive visual solutions are reflected in the advertising, created by the young graphic designers.

In this project, our task is to attract attention of the society to the problem, to inform about gaming harm, to encourage think about possible consequences, to control own leisure activities, his personal preferences, behavior and attitudes.

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If you also have any questions, specialists of the Gaming Control Authority will give you more information, how to help for yourself and for people close to you when having gambling problem, about possible ways of problem solution in whole Lithuania. Our specialists give consultation in our office in Vilnius at Ukmerges 222, also by phone 8 5 233 62 46 or e-mail