Lithuanian and Latvian regulators shared experience

The representatives of the Gaming Control Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (GCA) and Latvian Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection (Inspection) met at a regular regulators meeting, which took place last week in Ryga (Latvian Republic). This was already the 6th meeting, organized in cooperation according to the agreement signed in 2015 by the Baltic gambling supervisory authorities. The meeting was intended to discuss the recent changes and innovations during the past year, related to the regulation and supervision of gambling and lottery markets, the implementation of measures against illegal remote gambling, prevention of problem gambling, money laundering, etc.

At the meeting, representatives of the Latvian Ministry of Finance and the Inspection presented the principles of the Gambling Policy for 2021-2027, the main directions and challenges of the institution's activities, market statistical data, recent licensing, supervision developments, and challenges. The representatives of the GCA have spoken about the latest amendments of the Gaming Law, related to control, licensing, prevention, advertising, etc., and market statistical review was provided as well.

Discussions followed the presentations. In working groups, individual and specific issues were discussed, and good practices in performing the regulators' duties were shared.

Practice of licensing, procedure for approving gambling regulations, and experience in money laundering prevention was shared, supervisory measures were discussed, problems and challenges encountered in this field were identified and discussed. The working groups actively shared also practical experience in implementing measures against shadow business, its scale, blocking practices of illegal gambling operators, challenges etc. Considerable attention was devoted to the topic of prevention of problem gambling. There was spoken about the Action plan for the prevention of problem gambling which is under implementation in Lithuania. The essential principles of prevention of problem gambling were presented, and the importance of public education and attention to the prevention of gambling among children and adolescents, guidelines for psychotherapeutic assistance, the need and benefits of mutual support groups for gamblers' relatives were discussed.

"We are happy with the constructive meeting, the opportunity to share the latest information with our colleagues, to discuss relevant issues that both institutions face in their daily work, the specifics of which are often very similar.  Such meetings will be organized regularly in the future as well," said Arnoldas Dilba, Head of the Legislation, Staff, and General Affairs of the GCA after the event.