Gaming Control Authority works during quarantine


2020 06 02


To control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government of the Republic of Lithuania decided to declare quarantine on the entire territory of the Republic of Lithuania. The quarantine regime shall be effective from 16 March 2020, 00:00, until 16 June 2020, 24:00. 

According to this decision, state and municipal institutions and bodies and state and municipal enterprises shall organize their work and provide customer services remotely.

Based on the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No 207 “Resolution Declaring Quarantine on the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania (with later amendments) and on the Order of the Director of the Gaming Control Authority (Gaming Control Authority), customers services in the Gaming Control Authority until 12 June 2020 shall be provided remotely except when the meetings with specialists are agreed in advance.

Please contact us by email and by phone +370 5 233 6246.

Submission of self-exclusion requests

The requests to prohibit participating in gaming and taking part in remote gaming to the Register of Persons Restricted from Participation in Gaming database shall by submitted only remotely, no physical consultations are possible until 12 June 2020 except when the consultations with specialists are agreed in advance.  For more information please contact our specialists by email